5 Amazing Facts About Our Own Drink ARTOS

Artos Facts and Its History

Artos Facts

People who watched recent blockbuster ‘Rangasthalam’ might have seen a cool drink named ‘Artos’. The drink with a long history belongs to our own Telugu district ‘East Godavari’ of Andhra Pradesh. Based at RamChandraPuram, it is being exported to most of the places in Andhra Pradesh. Let us see the brief flashback of this drink which is still being the competition with other famous drinks like Coke,
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There is one unique feature in the Telugu people. If they started liking something/someone, they keep on supporting and liking those/them. There is no need of saying about Godavari people, particularly in this context. ‘Artos’ has its own place in the history of East Godavari and is available across the district and in some places of neighboring West Godavari.


During the war of 1912, the British soldiers were deployed in East Godavari District. There was a huge demand for local ‘Goli Sodas in those times.
Shri Adduri Rama Chandra Raju of RamaChandraPuram Village used to sell Goli Sodas there. He maintained good relations with the British soldiers and sought their help to import cool-drinks making machinery from England. Mr. Raju started making color sodas in 1919 and later he named this color soda as ‘Artos’ in 1955.
This is how Mr.Raju’s Colour Soda became ‘Artos’.
Godavari people who are familiar with Coconut water, lime soda and Goli Soda became familiar and started liking to drink Artos too…

Competition with foreign drinks…
And it was the time, Foreign-based drinks started coming into Indian markets and to increase their market range, they started acquiring local drink making companies and approached Artos too. But the manufactures didn’t accept the proposal and because of this, they faced huge competition. To stay strong in that competitive market, they sold the drink at a normal price of Rs.5 only. Even now, the taste and quality of Artos remain same as that when it started its operations.

Even though the other drinks like Thumsup, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Maaza and other drinks rates keep on going higher, Artos is still available at lower price than other drinks.
It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Artos has its own fan base.
This drink which is being manufactured at East Godavari is available in the Godavari districts and in some places of Visakhapatnam district. Earlier, it was only available in glass bottles and now it is available in plastic bottles too.

If you haven’t tasted Artos till now, whenever you visit Godavari districts, take a sip of Artos drink and enjoy its taste. Or else ask your Godavari friends to bring a bottle for you.


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