Every Thing About Apple Launch Event

Apple Launch Event
Apple Launch Event

One of the biggest tech conglomerates in the world, Apple, announced its meeting recently for launching a couple of things, But not the I Phone 12. But on contrary, Apple this time focused other tech gadgets these techies love. They announced the launch of two new Apple Watch models, And an I Pad Air with a new design. So let’s check out the highlights of the recent Apple Launch Event (Apple: Time files event.)

#1. Apple Watch SE:

Apple revealed a new version of its branded watch — Apple watch SE but with a cheaper price with some cuts in the features. This affordable version of the Apple watch contains the same last year’s S5 chip processor but this watch had some identical features with the premium watch that apple alongside launched, The Apple watch 6.

Apple launch event
Apple Watch SE

This watch has many of the same features as a built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, and an altimeter which will always be switched on by default. And additionally, this watch was decorated with a fall detection feature.

So this apple watch may be a better option to choose for if we have a mid-level budget but we need something apple makes with perfection.

This apple watch SE may be available from Friday which could be priced from $279, According to

#2. Apple Watch 6

It’s the apple’s first and maybe largest reveal of yesterday’s night with an all-new Apple watch series 6.

These apples watch series will be having the most powerful chip that an apple watch ever had. An S6 chip was said to be a dual-core processor based on the A13 Bionic Chip from iPhone 11.

The company said the brightness will be adjusted according to the places the watch was exposed to and it increases it’s brightness up to 2.5X. It also comes with some features like accelerometer, gyroscope, etc but with increased accuracy. And for the first time, Apple introduced the feature that allows you to measure the blood sugar saturation levels.

Apple launch event
Apple Watch 6 Series

Apple also introduced the watch faces that show your custom emoji (The emoji that was designed according to the user’s face with the help of AI) as the face for the watch.

Apple also announced its new type of wrist band named Solo Loop. It’s just a loop made of silicon with no clasp which was available in multiple sizes.

This Watch was priced as $399 for the GPS version and said to be available from Friday.

#3. The Apple iPad Air

Apple revealed its new iPad Air with a similar approach to iPad Pro. It comes with a 10.9-inch liquid retina display with a 2360X1640 resolution. The Apple iPad Air got a new place for the touch ID button in front of the device to the top of the sleep and wake button.

This iPad Air was powered up with a new Chip: The 5nm A14 Bionic. As stated by the company, it has a 6-core GPU, new 4-core GPU architecture, and a 16-core neural engine.

Apple launch event
Apple iPad Air

The Apple iPad Air has a 12- MegaPixel rear camera same as iPad Pro but with better video stabilization. And 7MegaPixel Face Time HD front face camera.

This iPad Air will be coming in five colors – Sky blue, green, silver, space gray, and Rose gold.

The price for the iPad Air starts from $599. And it will be available next month.

#4. An Updated 8th-Gen iPad

Apple announced its eighth-gen Basic entry-level IPad gets some new updates with an increased version of the processor with A12 chipset. This A12 chipset brings the “Neural Engine processing capabilities to its entry-level iPad for the first time. This updated level iPad will run the upcoming iPadOS 14 and will be offered with an update of new features that Apple has shown and with these perks, Apple also announced that the new Apple pencil update features as hand-written text input, which was already introduced in Samsung Galaxy s20 models.

#5. Apple Fitness+

Apple created a fitness subscription service called Apple Fitness Plus. Though its build for Apple Watch, the company states it integrates with the entire Apple ecosystem.

There are 10 different workout types –including Yoga, and Dance. And the company added that new update of workout types adds every week.

Apple launch event
Apple Fitness+

The subscription will cost $9.99 per month and $79.99 for a whole year.

#6. New Updates on Apple One Subscription

Apple introduced its new “Apple One” subscription bundle that brings multiple company services together and priced according to tiers.

The cheapest bundle is priced $14.95 per month with Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade, and 50GB of iCloud storage. And the next bundle will add all these features but with extra cloud storage up to 200GB as the family plan for $19.95 per month. The family pack can be shared by up to six people.

Apple One Subscription
Apple One Subscription

The premier bundle adds the above features with Apple News Plus, Fitness Plus, and 2TB of iCloud storage of $29.95 per month and it also can be shared between up to six people.

#7. Other Updates

The company announced its new version of software updates for iOS 14
iPadOS14, watchOS 7 and tvOS 14 from September 16, 2020.

Apple promises to be 100% carbon-neutral by 2030 in the production of their products.

As part of this, They’ll be removing the USB adapters from their Watches because the production if these may give high damage to the environment.


This time, Apple tried not to overprice its products and went a step closer to the mid-range tech users with SE versions of iPhone, Watch, and iPad Air. This may be a great sign for the people who love apple but could afford a mid-range budget.

Apple also stepped up its game ahead with Apple one subscription that allows enjoying Apple services such as iCloud, Apple Music, Apple TV+, etc. by paying a single bundle plan.

Apple can replace the places of many android tablets with iPad Air. This iPad got a powerful processor and better than any android tablet in terms of quality and service in that price range. Though a bit overpriced, The Apple Watch Series 6 added some new features like Blood Sugar monitor and added a bit more personalization accessibility to the user which many of the watches couldn’t do. So by these announcements, Apple already started planning ahead of the time competing with android and gradually becoming totally independent from Google and its services by These self-made Apple one Subscriptions. So that’s the complete overview of the Apple Launch Event

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