Everything you need to know about Netflix StreamFest.

The popular and one of the biggest OTT platform in the world, Netflix, Stepped up their game and announced ‘Netflix StreamFest’. For giving the people who haven’t subscribed the platform a taste of their content. Now, Lets look at the details and plan of the StreamFest. Before that, Let’s have a closer look at the OTT platforms.

OTT(Over-The-Top) platforms are currently ruling the entertainment industry with a great boost from the recent COVID-19 pandemic all over  the world which led to worldwide lock down. OTT platforms brought entertainment to peoples houses and their intimate screens with a optimal cost. Over-The-Top is Shortened as OTT platforms is a streaming media service offered directly to viewers via the Internet. It bypasses cable, broadcast, and satellite television platforms.


With their content without censorship and high production quality, OTT platforms gradually took over all over the world . OTT platforms succeeded in bringing some quality content you could see only in theaters with a quality production and story line to small screens. They have a optimal amount of subscription and unlimited access to the all content in the respective platform streaming service. When CoVID-19 virus took over the entire world and every one staying at their homes with theaters closed, OTT streaming services quickly grew up in India amidst lock down.

OTT platforms are less used in India and had some low subscribers for some top streaming services in the world until corona virus outbreak. The people subscribing content related OTT platforms were drastically increased because of closed theaters. Due to the lock down, Some small scale and also some large scale producers who are ready to release their movies in theaters also sold their movies to the OTT platforms calling it a safe deal, giving  some good break-even for the movies they haven’t released in theaters.



StreamFest is a offer given by the particular OTT platform giving you the access for the unlimited content in their platform up to a particular amount of time. Netflix also allowed streaming for free in any device (TV,Smartphones,Computers etc.).

Netflix StreamFest is conducted 2 days, 5th and 6th December. this fest is conducted for 2 days and in this two days, The content you can watch is unlimited and completely free. You can get a taste of the content in the Netflix and enjoy the free content.

Although this idea is implementing first-time in India, Netflix already used to give a 30-day free trial before it canceled them due to rise in fake accounts and repetitive accounts.



You just need an Netflix account to access the StreamFest for 2 days. For that, You have to Sign-up for the Netflix app giving your credentials like username, E-mail ID, Password etc.

After that, You need to setup a reminder and Netflix will let you know when the StreamFest starts.

If you want to enjoy the content from Netflix even after the StreamFest ends, You have to pay the subscription fee starting from ₹199/- and continuing from there and the fee increases with increase in no.of screens you want to access in and device we want to watch.


Indian OTT scene is always low and boring up-to lock down. Before the closing of theaters, Only small-scale producers who cannot compete with theater distribution prices, sold their movies to OTT platforms considering as a safe side. As times changing, People opted enjoying movies in their houses watching movies rather than buying a ticket for a single movie. The producers of large movies sold the streaming rights after the movie was released in the theater, making the movie stream in OTT after some months after the theatrical release.

People still not opting to buy those subscriptions thinking as a waste of money or the rise of  pirated sites even in the Corona virus lockdown. According to some surveys and studys, Some percentage of people still think OTT subscriptions are waste of money when there are cracked applications or pirated sites where they can watch or download the content for free.

To attract all these people and giving them an idea how the OTT works, introducing their friendly UI, they planned to attract more people to buy their subscription. Netflix announced this StreamFest for 2 days to enjoy their content and deeply diving into the applications and options this application will give and those pirated and illegal sites cannot.

A Twist in StreamFest:

Although Netflix gives free streaming to everyone.. there may be an issue in traffic.. And netflix made a statment about this. Due to uncompromising quality assurance to the existing users who already enjoying the content in StreamFest, Some users who may have joined late may get a error note and redirected to home. And Netflix gave a clear note that they will try their level best to make less traffic issues to make more users enjoy the StreamFest.


To Boost The User Subscriptions:

If the idea of StreamFest worked out and Netflix observes the boost in user subscriptions, It seems like all the other OTT platforms follow the same step to increase their involvement in masses. this helps further improving the situation and near future of OTT platforms.

We can know further details about the StreamFest in the following link : Details


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