Is it Good to Buy a 5G Smart Phone in India?


Pandemic halted world’s development in many ways. The world stopped the progression towards better technology that led the world stay in their houses and many big steps that we expected to take towards better technology and faster internet were halted. Introduction of 5G to India is one of them.

                The questions of 5th Generation technology again found its relevancy in India when the smart phone companies such as oneplus and realme released mid range mobiles which were 5G compatible (OnePlus Nord and RealMe X50). And recently, Mukesh Ambani, CEO of Jio telecom services announced the initiative of 5G in India by mid 2021, one who introduced 4G to India at better prices comparative to other companies. So these frequent announcements really hyped the techies about the release of 5th Generation technology in the mid of this year until pandemic stopped the ground work involving the installations.


From the beginning of telecom revolution that enabled us the communication through phones that made our lives better, Researchers never stopped giving us better versions of communication interchange devices. As time passed and needs of the people were increased, the companies providing the networks increased and they had to upgrade simultaneously to meet the needs and demands of higher population.

4G, which was introduced in late 2000s, was a large step in cellular network. The average 4G speed in internet buffering was 500 times faster than 3G which was considered to be one of the greatest upgrades in the cellular network community.

                As more people get access to mobile devices and the Internet of Things expands, as many as 24 billion devices are expected to need cellular network support by 2024. That’s where 5G comes in.

4G increased the internet and telecom users In India drastically, Thanks to Jio, the company revolutionized the prices and made the common man near to the internet.


Is it good to buy a 5G smart phone without even introduced in India?

Yes, it is good to buy a smart phone with 5G cellular network. Actually, that is considered as a long-term investment as we need not to upgrade to another phone at the time it was introduced, which cost more price. When we had enough budget range to afford 5G phone, it’s good to buy. The hardware and configuration which is built for 5G will help 4G SIM card help to gain the limit speed of 4G which the phones built for 4G cannot, due to hardware limitations.

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Henceforth, buying a 5G phone will not make your sim obsolete and vice versa.



According to reports given by “Erricson”, an appliance company, India will start its 5G trails by mid of 2021. As we upgraded our 3G SIM to 4G, It is possible if the signal receptors and the mobile configuration is compatible, if your mobile does not support 5G, the upgraded sim will be served as 4G in your mobile where 5G is incompatible.

So upgrading your phone isn’t at all a bad idea and considered as smart investment because we need not to change or mobile often when it was introduced.



High traffic can be greatly decreased in 5th generation technology that will make internet faster comparatively to older generations. It will serve faster in even heavy population dense areas thus making browsing the internet easier in heavily populated countries like India.

So as we can see the market is opened up for 5G and the actual trails were postponed due to pandemic. The people are actually confused with some frequently raised doubts appear while the 5G centric smart phones released.

Guest Contribution by Anish Pemmaraju

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