Role of MIUI 12 Amidst Boycott China


2020 had affected India economically, socially, and in the aspect of foreign affairs too. China and India are having differences lately which are triggered by pandemic allegations and misdemeanor of Indian Territory at Kashmir and Leh-Laddhak. The recent differences between the both countries led to actions against Chinese companies and Chinese technology.

               Recently, Central government banned 59 applications in India including some apps like TikTok, Wechat, and cam scanner which were reached heavily to the masses. As a result, a movement began in India to boycott the Chinese products and applications as protest against the Chinese government and its actions at the borders of India. But that heat was cooled down as soon as the one of the big names in smart-phone game, Oneplus, belongs to the Chinese, released a mobile in India which set a record in mobile sales in online commerce market.

               Leading names like Xiaomi, Oneplus have a big market in India due to various reasons including pocket-friendly price and extravagant features. The mobile phone sales proved that we have no alternative mobile brand that we can afford than these brands, Whereas apple, Samsung are playing the high-budget premium game which is a minority in Indian-smart phone market.

Babai’s Suggestion

               Xiaomi is one of the Chinese companies who established a biggest smart phone market in India with a series of budget-friendly phones. The assets of smart phone included a user friendly, Simple UI (User Interface) and better features attracted people.

Recently, MI announced its release of 12th version of its user interface MIUI 12. Based on Android, MIUI is known for simplicity and versatility.


Let’s have a brief look at the features of MIUI12:

UNIVERSAL CASTING TOOL: MI fixed and generalized the casting of the content from mobile to the external display devices and made them easier by the help of “Mira Cast” which helps the casting was smooth and doesn’t lose its quality. Also, MIUI made the messages and alerts does not display in the device which was casted by the mobile which ensures the privacy of the presenter.

FLOATING WINDOWS: floating windows made multi-tasking easier. This allows users to switch between the applications smooth and easy.

ULTRA BATTERY SAVING MODE: The MI Company claimed this feature can boost the mobiles battery life up to 5 hours.

MAGIC CLONE SYSTEM: primarily available in MI 10, this feature lets you take a picture or a video with a clone of the ones who taking the footage.

 APP DRAWER:  App-drawer feature was long awaited and MI did not make this as a default setting and user has to enable the drawer in settings. This App-drawer was primarily famous in POCO phones.

DARK MODE: With increase in dark mode users, MIUI made its built-in apps more compatible to Dark mode and added that most of the Third-party can use Dark mode now.

SUPER WALLPAPERS: With the collaboration with NASA. The MIUI is packed with super wallpapers with more Space flicks. The images subtly zoom in when the phone is unlocked to show the surface of the planet. Apart from zooming into various areas of the planets, the Super Wallpapers also change with time. If it is Morning, then the planets will look like how they do while the Sun is up, and at nighttime, the wallpapers will turn darker as if it is night in them too.


NEW NOTIFICATION PANEL: MIUI made notification bar better and more informative.  By swiping down from the top right of the display, you will be able to access the control centre and by swiping down from the top left you will be able to access the new notification shade

NEW WEATHER APP: This new updated weather app got some perks added and increased its accuracy with some improved smooth animations that play a key role to convey the forecast of the weather.

LIGHT CONE ANIMATION FRAME WORK: The all-new MI Light cone animation is aimed to give the user a smoother experience and better animations and transitions. With the Light cone Rendering, The Company got a chance for some advanced color blundering therefore give user a soothing feel in the color aspect. Light cone engine, Part of the frame work allows the UI user to have a three dimensional experience with the help of engine Light cone.

Finally the features of the latest MIUI version is definitely a crowd-puller with some improved animations and bug fixes. With the release of the new version of this renowned user interface from a Chinese company, Let’s see the reaction and the “Boycott china” effect on this User interface and company.

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