Reasons behind the Sony SmartPhone downfall

From the past few years, We saw the rise of the brands like Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus etc and we witnessed the great downfall of the Sony Smartphones which once ruled the entire smartphone market and competed with Apple, Samsung and other brands.

And with the rise of the above smartphone brands, A new price region appeared in the smartphone market–That is, Budget and mid-level Premium smartphones. The phones with prices up to Rs.20k referred as budget level and the mobiles from 25k to 40k-50k referred as mid range and mid range premium. The brands like Realme, Oppo, Vivo stole the entire market containing the buyers at 15k to 20k and rose as one of the best-selling smartphone brands in india.

Sony Smartphone Downfall

As the consumption of these mid-range smartphones increased, The other premium companies adopted to this range as quickly as possible. Apple came up with iPhone XR, iPhone SE to attract the mid-range Android users to convert to the Apple ecosystem. Samsung released its M-series, F-series, and A-series smartphones in the budget range and quickly rose to the competition with Xiaomi. To survive in the current market and satisfy the needs of the consumers, The companies need to act quick to be the first to introduce a particular feature or a model. And as we saw, Sony lost the competition in the last few years.

Sony does not need a introduction for tech enthusiasts and also for the people who have an incomplete idea on tech. Its one of the biggest names in Tech world which as a consumer electronics company. Sony makes Gaming Consoles (PlayStations), Cameras, TV’s, Speakers, Headphones, and Music Systems etc. Its best in what it does and dons a great name in camera manufacturing.

Sony Smartphone Downfall

Now let’s see the reasons behind the downfall of Sony in the Smartphone market:

POOR MARKETING STRATEGIES : Although Sony makes some great deal of smartphones, It really failed in the advertising their product and reaching the consumers up to the ground level. They really looked down in advertising and marketing their mobile phones compared to how they advertise their PlayStations, Cameras, and Music Systems.

Whereas, The Apple and Samsung etc. companies always try to rub their newly released products into the consumers face through Pop-Ads and YouTube advertisements. It tries to reach out the audience as funny and smooth as possible with possible tricks that make people attract to the product. And Sony is way lazy it just advertises with some advertisements and does not really use social media, In which the buyers take their decisions from. If Sony makes a proper adverts and attract more internet to their products, buying the products will not be impossible with the quality that Sony makes.


AVAILABILITY: The company used to regularly drop their various models of the mobile phones and make it accessible for every part of the world. And now after the massive drop of the sales of them Smartphones, The latest series of releases of Sony Smartphones aren’t available in many areas except some countries like USA and Japan etc. Sony stopped releasing their Smartphones in India due to sales drop. Sony really needs to introduce their products globally and shouldn’t limit their releases to a particular country that narrows down the profit and their reputation in the Smartphone game.


PRICES: At a time when apple is rising gradually in the Smartphone graph and taking over the sales of Sony, BlackBerry, and Samsung, Sony tried to compete with the apple in the prices and same segment of premium. It should have focused itself in the mid-range where the Apple didn’t focus back then. And Sony lost the competition with apple in terms of sales because of the main reasons of weak advertising and showcasing the product.

Apple really showcases its products like they are way ahead of time and acts like there are no other companies present in the smartphone market. That’s why Apple never compares it’s mobiles to other companies like some Andriod devices do. And Sony didn’t win the premium Smartphone game and lost its consistency to release the phones and kept their phones overpriced even though they aren’t selling. That made public choose the Apple and other premium range smartphones rather than Overpriced Sony Smartphones which are hardly getting some new versions and upgrades.



Sony Smartphones had the capability to reach out the audience with the goodwill and the quality of their work. Some mid-range Smartphone brands still use the sensors and lenses made by Sony and markets them as a prime feature for their cameras, That proves how much quality Sony gives in the camera lens section. People out there still want to buy some quality Sony products with a good price.

Sony can make some good numbers if it enters into the Mid-range market where now OnePlus, Samsung, Xiaomi are ruling. The fact that Sony makes sensors for some of these moblie models proves that Sony will give a tough competition to these following phones and make a strong base of their market. Let’s hope that Sony regain its greatness in the Smartphone section and becomes a good manufacturer of the phones with quality. So here is our article about Sony Smartphone Downfall, if you know any reason behind sony smartphone downfall comment below

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