What’s The big deal with Quad-Camera?

Quad- Camera


A camera has always been an essential feature of a Smartphone. From the past 2-3 years, the Smartphone sales were drastically rose. As the needs of the consumer were increased, developers are always trying to improve the camera. For many smartphone users, A camera has always been an important feature to buy a phone.

A camera is a great feature to capture moments. A smartphone can do many things in a single go, and a professional camera was hard to handle. The Mega Pixels and image processing is constantly improving in the Smartphone era. An additional lens was introduced to enhance the features and performance of the camera.

The experimentation of an additional camera in a Smartphone gave a great result and increase sales. And the journey did not end. They pushed the limits of what a camera can do in a smartphone. by including the maximum of the features that we see in a professional camera, They made Some of the different camera types include- a portrait lens, a Macro lens(for capturing close objects), a Monochrome lens etc.

A triple or quad-camera setup was one of the most used camera layouts in recent times. To give the user more appeal to the smartphone camera, Some of the companies mainly used Quad-camera. Now let’s see the common features in most of the quad-cameras.

The Quad-camera distribution :

consider a mid-range phone where we can mostly see the quad-camera setup nowadays. taking Xiaomi’s note 9 series as an example we can understand how far they are useful. Xiaomi announced a powerful camera of saying a 48 MP or 64 MP, Sometimes the megapixel may go to 108 MP too. most of these mobiles do not capture an image in a 48 or 64 MP in default. and to use the high-MP cameras, We have to go through the camera menu. And one of the main drawbacks includes the inability to use Zoom in the high-res primary camera.

the other cameras include the ultra-wide lens to capture the wide-angle images, a Macro camera to capture small scale objects with more detail, Depth sensor to increase the depth of the camera and to improve the accuracy in portrait mode.

Most of the phones have the same type of configuration. but, the changes mostly occur in the megapixels of the high-res primary camera, some of the mobiles include a monochrome lens as an additional lens to the camera array.

How useful are they?

The main reason these quad-camera setups attract masses is the design. People love to see more options given to the cameras hence improving the quality. But, The quad-camera layout has its drawbacks. Let’s try to address the reality with pros and cons.

Having a triple, quad-camera setup doesn’t mean the Smartphone camera can produce amazing pictures with better quality. People miss the point that No. of megapixels cannot solely decide how amazing the picture can be captured. Image processing is the most important thing to consider when we need some top-quality flicks. Consider Google Pixel, hailed as one of the best smartphone cameras and won the game with just a single or dual camera setup.

The megapixels on a specification sheet doesn’t determine the quality in some cases. Most of the phones which claim their mobiles having 48, 64 MP, fail to compete with Google Pixels and iPhones. Companies like Google, OnePlus, Apple was famous for their image processing software. They spend more amount of time on research and development to improve the lenses. Some use other lenses made by different companies like sony. Sony lenses were used in my mid-range flagship phones and some other flagships too.

The other lens like A Macro is not even really that useful in many cases when compared to the depth and ultra-wide. Companies force the Macro lens to add up another camera and to make the layout quad-camera setup. instead of the count of the cameras, Most of the companies producing some ton of phones every year should concentrate on the better chipset for image processing. To avoid mushy-looking photos and pictures that lack less detailing, We need better SoC and better hardware to process images quickly with more clarity.


We need to conclude as we came across the pros and cons of the multi-camera setup. People actually need to focus on quality over the quantity of the cameras. As a coin has both sides, We can see some mobiles like Apple, Samsung flagships fully utilizing every camera and processing better photos with it, While some companies just showcasing the cameras to increase the count while in the application they are not that useful. So, it’s people’s turn to observe reality and actually prefer cameras that are better at execution rather than looks.

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